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To ensure that your wedding is a private affair and will not be disturbed by other parties, photographs/video are only to be taken inside and outside the reserved chapel reserved. Outdoor photography for a Main Chapel wedding should be taken in front of the Main Chapel and front garden/grounds. Outdoor photography for a Garden Chapel wedding should be taken taken on the Garden Chapel patio and rear garden/grounds.

Preparing for Your Wedding

Use this information to help you prepare for your wedding ceremony at Memorial Chapel. We offer you the flexibility of using your preferred vendors so that each ceremony can be customized to suit your traditions and taste. Please don't hesitate to call the Reservations Office or set up a meeting to go over any questions you may have once you enter the planning process.

In addition, view our Items Gallery to learn more about what is available for your wedding at the Memorial Chapel.

Memorial Chapel Provides the Following:

Main Chapel Items:

During your wedding rehearsal or in advance of your wedding day, select which items you'd like to use:

  • Altar covered with white linen
  • Pair of five-branch candelabra OR pair of single brass candlesticks with oil filled candles
  • Pair of brass flower vases
  • Brass Bible stand
  • Brass tabletop cross
  • Two standing mics, one tabletop mic, and two wireless lapel mics
  • Two moveable padded kneelers
  • One lectern with a microphone and light
  • Pair of white column flower stands
  • Moeller pipe organ
  • 7' Baldwin grand piano
  • Assortment of tables for guest-book, programs, etc.

Garden Chapel Items:

  • Altar table covered with white linen
  • Wooden cross on stand
  • Two single brass candlesticks with oil-filled candles
  • Pair of brass flower vases
  • Pair of white column flower stands
  • Brass Bible stand
  • Wooden lectern
  • Baby Grand piano

Please reserve in advance:

Brass Unity Candle with oil-filled candles

Your Responsibilities

You provide individuals to:

  • Coordinate your wedding and rehearsal
  • Officiate your ceremony
  • Decorate and provide flowers
  • Receive deliveries during your contracted time
  • Photograph and record your wedding ceremony
  • Clean up and clear Chapel of all items you bring in
  • Provide music for your ceremony (organist, pianist, other musicians)
  • Control the Main Chapel sound system if you plan to use recorded music

You provide the following (as desired):

  • Flowers (please see Chapel Use Guidelines)
  • Pew Decorations (please see Chapel Use Guidelines)
  • Aisle Runner
  • Chuppah or Arch
  • Unity Candle (if not reserving the Chapel's unity candle)
  • Music for your ceremony to be played on an IPod or CD. (Songs should be burned on the CD in order of when they will be played in the ceremony.)

Chapel Usage Guidelines


The following are guidelines for using the Chapel for your wedding ceremony. These regulations are dictated by State Law and University policy and are included in the Reservations Agreement. Any exceptions must be approved by the Reservations Office in advance.

  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited anywhere on Memorial Chapel premises.
  • Smoking is prohibited on the grounds of the University, except in designated
  • Use of incense is prohibited.
  • Animals are prohibited unless approved through the Reservations Office.
  • Food and drink are allowed in the Lounge and Conference Room only.
  • Fees for additional clean-up and repairs for damage to the building caused by renters, vendors or guests will be charged to the renter's security deposit credit card with prior notification.

Chapel Access Rental Times

Clients must not be on the Chapel premises before contracted rental start times or after contracted end times. All deliveries, set-up and clean-up must take place within contracted access times.

Ceremony start and end times must be followed as contracted unless other arrangements are made through the Chapel Office.


We want your wedding day to look beautiful. The loveliness of both chapels easily can be magnified with freestanding floral arrangements.

We ask that you refrain by throwing or dropping anything inside or outside the building. This includes live flower petals, rice, birdseed, etc. One pleasing alternative is for a flower girl to distribute single stems to guests as she walks down the aisle. By arrangement prior to your wedding day, silk petals thrown on a runner will be permitted.

State fire code prohibits the use of wax candles at Memorial Chapel. For this reason we provide you with beautiful brass candelabras or candlesticks with oil filled candles and by reservation, a oil Unity Candle ensemble. With prior approval before your wedding day, an exception can be made if the couple prefers to bring their own wax Unity Candle ensemble or memorial candle for use on the altar. Floor standing candles are not allowed.

Please plan to secure aisle decorations with ribbon, elastic, or approved pew clips (clips may be purchased through the Chapel office). Decorations may not be fastened in a manner that would damage the pews. Glitter and flowers with shedding ferns are prohibited because of the clean-up required.

Decorations beyond freestanding flower arrangements and aisle decorations must be approved by the Chapel Office to ensure adequate time for setup and takedown.

Renters are responsible for the cleanup of all items, excluding property of Memorial Chapel.

Main Chapel Sound System

The Main Chapel has an excellent sound system, providing amplification through Chapel microphones and CD and AUX input jack access. Clients may plug cords into Chapel outlets, but may not plug equipment into the sound system itself.

Musical Instruments

Clients are welcome to use the Moeller pipe organ and Baldwin baby grand piano in the Main Chapel and the Disklavier baby grand in Garden Chapel. If you plan to use the Moeller pipe organ, however, you are strongly encouraged to contract with one of the Chapel's approved organists. If you would like to bring in your own organist, the organist must complete an audition and be approved by the Chapel staff. Please plan to schedule the audition at least six weeks before your event. There are no restrictions for use of the pianos.