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When You Need Two Time Blocks

To ensure that couples can accomplish all that is planned within their allotted time, it is required that two consecutive time blocks be reserved if any of the follow situations apply to your wedding day plans:

  • You expect more than 300 guests
  • You plan to have a ceremony 60 minutes or longer
  • You plan to greet guests in a receiving line and take professional photos on site

Game Day Reservations

Weddings are held at the Memorial Chapel on home football game days. The Chapel has years of experience working with couples to make sure their game day wedding is still a private affair. The Chapel provides a parking lot to be used by wedding guests. Our experience has shown that planning ahead and communicating in advance with guests about the conditions they may encounter provides for a smooth and seamless event.

If your selected date is chosen as a game day, the Chapel Staff will notify you as soon as the Athletics Department releases the schedule. Unfortunately, the actual game times are not announced until two or three weeks before games. For more up to date information on the athletics schedule and game times visit